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Membership is open to all individuals who are of good moral character and who are judged supportive of the purpose and ethnic heritage of the Polish Falcons of America. In addition to our insurance and annuity offerings, we also provide Members with a variety of other benefits.

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Polish Falcons of America has been safeguarding the needs of Members and their families since 1928. Today, PFA is proud to offer a wide selection of Permanent and Term Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Annuity options tailored to fit all needs.

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This Service Center page functions as a "one stop shop" for Nest and District forms, Scholarship and Award applications, and other important information. Questions regarding the PFA website should be directed to Courtney Caughey-Stambul at For a list of all PFA management and staff, visit the Contact Us tab at the top of the site.

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*The 2016 Convention Minutes will be printed only upon request. To request a printed copy of the 2016 Convention Minutes, please email Thank you.

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