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Grilled Bacon Roulade

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A Polish Top Ten

You will note that we are not including soups or pierogi, which we hope to save for another day. We hope that you will enjoy these foods and, if you do not have your own recipe for them, prepare them for your friends and family.

Easter Recipes

Falcon Sweets

Cookie recipes submitted by PFA Members for your holiday dessert table!

Ognisko: A Fiery Polish Tradition

Since pagan times, fire and all it symbolizes have been an important part of Polish and Slavic folklore. In the pantheon of ancient Polish deities, it was Swarog, the Polish god of fire, who was one of the most greatly esteemed. Swarog's name stemmed from an old Slavic word meaning "bright and clear" and he was so revered that it was forbidden to speak, shout or even talk while fire was being lit. Polish folklore identified Swarog with the generative and sexual powers of fire. With the baptism of Poland, Swarog became associated with Saint Michael the Archangel.

This ancient respect for fire has always played an important part in Polish life and, since olden days, the bonfire - “ognisko” has been traditionally - and are still enthusiastically - burned as a Polish custom.

Winter Traditions

The period from Christmas through carnival, ending on Ash Wednesday, has usually been a festive time for Poles. Carolers, sleigh rides (called kulig in Polish) and home visits were plentiful and still often practiced today. The time between Christmas and Epiphany was a time when visits were made for the purpose of sharing the oplatek wafer with friends, family and neighbors.

Wigilia Recipes

Here are some of the best-known dishes for Polish Wigilia, Christmas Eve supper – the most important family meal of the year. Some recipes have been simplified somewhat and adapted to today's more convenient ingredients and less labor-intensive procedures.