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Membership is open to all individuals who are of good moral character and who are judged supportive of the purpose and ethnic heritage of the Polish Falcons of America. In addition to our insurance and annuity offerings, we also provide Members with a variety of other benefits.

Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

Polish Falcons of America has been safeguarding the needs of Members and their families since 1928. Today, PFA is proud to offer a wide selection of Permanent and Term Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Annuity options tailored to fit all needs.

Nests / Districts

What is a Nest?

A component of Polish Falcons of America is its lodge system, which is referred to as a Nest. PFA Nests are divided into eight Districts. The Nest is the key social group bringing together Members of the Falcons at various affairs. Throughout the history of the Polish Falcons, the Nest has been at the very center of Falcon activities at the local level. Many Nests own their own buildings and hold activities at their facility. Other Nests, even though they may not have a building, still organize activities for their Members.

There are currently 85 Nests located in Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Each Nest has a slate of Officers elected to carry on the business of the Nest. Nest Officers include the President, Vice President(s) (Female Vice President and  Male Vice President in mixed Nests, if they opt to do so), Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Instructor or Instructress in mixed Nests.

A Nest must be in “Good Standing” by meeting at least four times a year, having a full slate of Officers on the required forms from National Headquarters and having at least 25 Benefit Members in "Good Standing."

All Nests

Nest (District)

City, State

Nest (District)

City, State

1 (II)

Chicago, IL

171 (VII)

Philadelphia, PA

2 (II)

Chicago, IL

172 (V)

West Warwick, RI

3 (II)

Chicago, IL

176 (IV)

Pittsburgh, PA

4 (VI)

South Bend, IN

182 (IV)

Ambridge, PA

6 (IX)

Buffalo, NY

188 (V)

Salem, MA

8 (IV)

Pittsburgh, PA

208 (V)

Derby, CT

15 (IV)

Braddock, PA

247 (IV)

Donora, PA

17 (V)

Newark, NJ

276 (VI)

Muskegon, MI

20 (VII)

Wilmington, DE

281 (I)

Dunellen, NJ

22 (XIII)

Brooklyn, NY

293 (I)

Harrison, NJ

31 (XIII)

Detroit, MI

301 (IV)

New Kensington, PA

36 (V)

Southwestern CT

307 (V)

Southington, CT

41 (IV)

New Kensington, PA

318 (IV)

Beaver Falls, PA

42 (II)

Chicago Heights, IL

336 (XIII)

Jackson, MI

45 (II)

St. Louis, MO

378 (II)

Chicago, IL

52 (IX)

Rochester, NY

430 (IX)

Auburn, NY

65 (V)

Union City, CT

449 (IV)

Pittsburgh, PA

68 (V)

Meriden, CT

485 (V)

Chelsea, MA

70 (I)

Port Chester, NY

493 (IX)

Batavia, NY

74 (IX)

Auburn, NY

494 (IX)

Batavia, NY

77 (IV)

Carnegie, PA

507 (II)

Rockford, IL

79 (XIII)

Southgate, MI

519 (V)

Middletown, CT

80 (VI)

South Bend, IN

538 (IV)

Midland, PA

81 (V)

New Haven, CT

556 (IV)

Jerome, PA

86 (XIII)

Hamtramck, MI

564 (VI)

La Porte, IN

87 (IV)

Monaca, PA

580 (V)

Pittsfield, MA

88 (V)

New Britain, CT

610 (IX)

Erie, PA

97 (IV)

Windber, PA

652 (XIII)

Lansing, MI

104 (I)

Newark, NJ

725 (II)

Milwaukee, WI

115 (I)

Elizabeth, NJ

804 (IV)

Pittsburgh, PA

118 (IV)

Pittsburgh, PA

811 (V)

New Britain, CT

123 (IX)

Erie, PA

822 (I)

South River, NJ

124 (XIII)

Saginaw, MI

827 (II)

Chicago, IL

126 (I)

Elizabeth, NJ

834 (V)

Chicopee, MA

128 (VII)

Duryea, PA

866 (II)

Chicago, IL

141 (IV)

Cleveland, OH

907 (II)

Cicero, IL

146 (IV)

New Castle, PA

946 (I)

Hillsborough, NJ

147 (IV)

Mt. Pleasant, PA

956 (I)

Ozone Park, NY

157 (V)

Holyoke, MA

964 (VII)

Reading, PA

159 (IV)

Ford City, PA

972 (XIII)

Bay City, MI

163 (VII)

Mocanaqua, PA

973 (IX)

West Seneca, NY

Nests with Buildings

Click here for a printable listing of Nests with their own buildings. Addresses and phone numbers for Nests with buildings are provided on the sheet. All rental inquiries, please contact the Nest directly.

What is a District?

Each of the Nests belongs to one of the Polish Falcon Districts. A District is composed of Nests assigned by the Board of Directors, giving due regard to local conditions and distances. Each District shall be composed of at least 500 Benefit Members in "Good Standing." Each District has a representative on the National Board of Directors. Today, there are eight Polish Falcon Districts.

District Conventions

Click here for information about District Conventions.