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Future Leaders

2017 Conference

The 6th Annual Future Leaders Conference took place on the weekend of February 17–19, 2017. There were 18 Future Leaders present from Nests 31, 36, 45, 86, 118, 123, 176, 519, 907 and 946. Districts I, II, IV, V, IX and XIII were represented. The conference took place at the Crown Plaza Hotel Greentree in Pittsburgh, Pa. Flights were booked and other travel plans were made. There were nine new youth Members and 10 returning Members. There was also one youth guest and two adult observers from the Sokol American and USA Sokol organization in attendance. It was a very serious group who worked well together and accomplished a lot.

The Leaders started arriving on Friday at various times and, after settling in, jumped right into meetings. I introduced various officials and guests in attendance: Druh Tim Kuzma, President; Druhna Trish Del Busse, First Vice President; Druhna Patty Capozoli, National Director for District IV and Falconette Commission Chairperson, as well as three representatives from the American Sokol and Sokol USA fraternals. After introducing the Future Leaders Board of Directors, Lauren Andrychowski from District IX, Roman Lipinski from District II, and Brad Puskar from District IV and the new Members of the group, the Oath of Participation was administered by Druhna Trish.

After group photos and dinner, I turned the floor over to President Kuzma, who gave an informative presentation regarding the characteristics of a leader and Falcons' history. Afterwards, the group dove into the first night of meetings, focusing on icebreakers, team building, and effective leadership characteristics. Things were going so well that we did not end our session until around 10:30 p.m.

The next morning, the group gathered for breakfast, and then jumped right back into sessions. The adults in the group left the room and turned things over to the Board of Directors. They began developing ideas for the upcoming Polish Falcons Future Leaders Art Exhibition and planned the entire event. The adults returned and the group put the exhibition on paper, creating specific rules and regulations, mocking up a poster, and writing a letter to send to potential participants. We broke for lunch, finalized our plans for the Art Exhibition, and stuffed the letters to send out to all of the youth Members of the PFA. It was a very creative time and the Future Leaders were really excited to have planned and completed an entire event.

Christine Puskar, National Physical Education Director