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Future Leaders

2016 Conference

The 5th Annual PFA Future Leaders Conference was held in Pittsburgh, Pa. the weekend of Feb. 19 – 21, 2016. It was a very successful weekend, and the Youth Members were great to work with as always. There were 24 participants invited this year from Districts I, II, IV, V, VI, IX and XIII.

We began the weekend with a welcome to all of our attendees. The Board of Directors from the past year were given a special introduction and thank you for their service to the Future Leaders. We had four Members moving on from the program. Melissa Puskar has been a part of the group for all five years. She has been a Director for all five of those years (as chosen by the group in attendance). Melissa has been the Nest 118 Instructress for four years and is currently the Assistant District IV Instructress. She is also the Secretary/Treasurer of the District IV Falconette Commission. Chad Bolotin and Michelle Wolniakowski have been in attendance at all 5 years of the conference and have been Board Members for three years (also as chosen by the group in attendance). Chad is the Nest 580 Instructor. Michelle is a District II Secretary from Nest 725. Christy Paterni has also been a part of the group for five years. She is currently the Nest 8 Instructress as well as the District IV Instructress. All four of these young people have received their Bronze Star of Merit for service. They have all gone on to become leaders in their Nests and Districts. Congratulations and thank you to all of them!

Following, it was time to choose new leaders for the group. The adults in attendance, myself and Druhna Patty Capozoli, who was a chaperone for the weekend, left the room and the Future Leaders held their own elections. The new Board of Directors is made up of Roman Lipinski of District II, Brad Puskar of District IV, and Lauren Andrychowski of District IX. Congratulations and good luck to them in their new positions!

After dinner, Mr. Ronald Lipinski, who is an Inspector for the Department of Homeland Security, spoke to the group about the different agencies that are involved in Homeland Security, different careers in those fields, and the importance of being careful when posting on social media. It was a very interesting presentation.

After a short break, we began our more in-depth discussions regarding PFA functions. Friday evening, the leaders were asked to consider their unique leadership skills and how they might use those skills within our organization. Then, all brainstormed to come up with as many different sports and recreational activities as possible, where leadership skills were needed. We had several pages of great ideas ranging from a “Falcon Cruise for Kids” to cupcake wars, to every sport you can think of and beyond.

The new Directors then took over the meeting and discussed what the Members of the group would like to initiate on a National Level for our Youth Members and their families. They had four specific ideas that we will continue to discuss and try to make happen in the near future. So, keep an eye open for more details!

On Saturday morning, after taking our group photos, we had a few more visitors to our group. Our National President, Tim Kuzma, welcomed the group. He talked more about leadership and answered some specific questions about the leadership roles within the PFA. He also talked about the upcoming National Convention, hoping that those eligible might consider attending
the event.

Following Druh Tim was Courtney Caughey-Stambul, our Communications Director. Courtney presented the PFA’s new “Come Together” program to the group. She introduced the program, explained how it would work, and encouraged the Youth Members to take part in the program. They seemed very excited with the possibility of choosing the causes to help in their own community.There will be more details about the program to come in the near future.

Next up, the group decided they would like to come up with their own idea for an event for their District. So, there was some District brainstorming and event planning. We will be having District conference calls to work on planning a bit more. The leaders will be requesting support from their District and participation from all the Nests in their Districts. Please watch your mail and the Sokol Polski for more information.

All in all, it was an interesting meeting. The older participants are always very comfortable speaking up and giving their opinions. Some of last year’s new people really stepped up and had a lot to say, and the new people, who start out a little shy, even spoke up. It was a very productive weekend, and I hope it will lead to a productive year for the Future Leaders of the PFA.

Christine Puskar, National Physical Education Director