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National Bowling Tournament

2017 Registration

Entry Fees:

Prize Fee (Per Event)...$11.50
Bowling Fee (Per Event)...$6.75
Tournament Expense Fee (Per Event)...$3.25
Total Per Person, (Per Event)...$21.50
All Events (Optional)...$3.00
Insurance Fee Per Bowler (All Bowlers)...$2.50

Paper Registration:

Click here to download a paper application.

Online Registration:


Once directed to PayPal, please enter your total registration cost (as entered on the form below) into the box reading, "Item Price." Then, click "Update."

PLEASE NOTE: A $20 late fee needs to be added to all registrations after 2/28/17. Please include this fee in your payment if after 2/28/17.

National Bowling
* Team Name
* Nest #
* Captain's Name
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* Bowler 2 Name
   Bowler 2 USBC
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* Bowler 3 Name
   Bowler 3 USBC
   Bowler 3 Highest League Avg.
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* Bowler 3 Events
* Bowler 4 Name
   Bowler 4 USBC
   Bowler 4 Highest League Avg.
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* Bowler 4 Events
   If members of team are participating in Singles/Doubles, please list pairings (i.e. Bowler 1 & Bowler 2)
* Squad Times (Select First Choice)
   Additional Comments
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