Become a Member

Membership is open to all individuals who are of good moral character and who are judged supportive of the purpose and ethnic heritage of the Polish Falcons of America. In addition to our insurance and annuity offerings, we also provide Members with a variety of other benefits.

Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

Polish Falcons of America has been safeguarding the needs of Members and their families since 1928. Today, PFA is proud to offer a wide selection of Permanent and Term Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Annuity options tailored to fit all needs.


Legion of Honor

The purpose of the Legion of Honor is the preservation and fostering of the noble ideals, principles, traditions, precepts, and customs of the Polish Falcon order, as defined by its founders and originators.

Those Members entitled/qualified for the honor are the most deserving men and women who by their untiring sacrifice have worked within the Polish Falcons and Polonia gaining respect and esteem. They have also shown integrity and an unimpeachable character to obtain the finest reputation amongst the PFA Members.

There are three levels of Legion of Honor Awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. A period of five full years of service must lapse between awards. To be eligible for the Legion of Honor Award, the candidate must hold the Falcon Bronze, Silver and Gold Star of Merit Awards. These, likewise, have been awarded by National Headquarters upon the recommendation of the Nest, District or National Organization.

Star of Merit

There are three levels of Service Star Awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold. In order to be eligible for the Bronze Service Star, a Member must belong at least three years and be active and render services to the Nest or District for the entire three years, and must be at least 19 years of age. After another five years of active service, a Member may then qualify for the Silver Service Star. Then, if the Member still continues such activities for another five years, a Gold Service Star application may be submitted.

National Dues must be paid at least five years prior to the submission date of an awards application. If one is only 19 and receiving a Bronze Star of Merit, that time frame would be two years (because one must be 18 to get billed for National Dues).

Fraternalist of the Year

The Fraternalist of the Year Award is an honor presented by the Polish Falcons of America on a National level to recognize an individual within the organization who, through example and accomplishment, has provided outstanding volunteer service to his or her Nest and community in the past year.