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National Bowling Tournament

2017 Tournament

On April 27, the National Bowling Tournament got underway. We started the event with a Scotch Doubles Tournament. For the non-bowlers, a Scotch Doubles event means that we have two bowlers combining scores to create one game score. So if you are bowler number one, you throw the first ball, and then bowler number two completes the frame. If you get a strike, then bowler number two begins the next frame. We had 26 doubles teams compete. The winners of the Scotch Doubles Tournament were Chari Epley and Mike Bender from Nest 4 South Bend, Ind. The second place winners were Danielle Dadlow and Brian Albin from Nest 564 LaPorte, Ind. The third place winners were Megan Zemek and Debbie Abramczyk of Nest 45 St. Louis, Mo. Besides winning a few bucks for themselves, their win earned their Nest a little bonus. Nest 4 received $300; Nest 564 received $200, and Nest 45 received $100. Along with the prize money awarded, we had 11 drawings; each worth $50. One hundred percent of the cost of bowling is returned to the bowlers. 

On April 28, we held the first session of the bowling tournament. We had 36 teams compete in this event. The Nests represented were 4, 8, 31, 45, 79, 80, 86, 104, 118, 123, 182, 276, 449, 493, 564, 610, 725 and 907. The winners of the team event were “The Buckle Down Brewing” team from Nest 907.  This year, National Headquarters offered an incentive for the winning team. They will get a free entry into the 2018 tournament.  Also receiving a free entry into the 2018 tournament will be “The No Name Team” from Nest 80, as they were the wild card entry chosen at the Commissioners meeting. Congratulations to both teams. We look forward to seeing you in 2018. 

On April 29, we bowled the doubles and singles portion of the tournament. The winners of the doubles event were Richard and Henry Golda of Nest 104 Newark, N.J. The winner of the men’s single event was Tim Bielewicz of Nest 8 Pittsburgh, Pa. The winner of the ladies single event was Chari Epley of Nest 4 South Bend, Ind. The winner of the all events category was Chari Epley of Nest 4 South Bend, Ind. Congratulations to all of the winners. 

District XIII was the host of the 2017 tournament, and they held their festivities at the home of Nest 652 Lansing, Mich. We danced to the music of the DJ on Friday evening and the band on Saturday evening.  There was homemade food served by the ladies of Nest 652 both nights. Thank you to the District for all of their work ensuring the success of the event.

The 2018 tournament will be hosted by Nest 907 Cicero, Ill. I look forward to seeing everyone there. Preparations are already underway, and I will keep all bowlers updated with the details as they become available.

The site of 2019 tournament is being discussed by a few different Nests. Those Nests have promised they will get back with us as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your patience and participation in our annual tournament!


Janet Knauber
National Bowling Manager

2017 Standings